Star Wars NFL Fans revamped

This is a revamped piece for My What NFL teams would Star Wars characters root for? I did these awhile ago,but have gone back through them to update the art, that I did awhile ago, and wasn't satisfied with.

Luke Skywalker is a Dalas Cowboys fan,as many would think, I'd have gone with The Patriots and the whole rebel alliance comparison,Luke is a kick from  the desert planet Tattoine, where  he used to shoot womprats in his T-16 ,so Luke is a hick at heart..
New version Of Yoda with star wars type 
Boba Fett is a Oakland Raiders fan ,he doesnt get great reception in the outer rim, but he always identifies with the crazy fans of the Black-hole.
Greedo rocks the Greenbay Packers Zoobaz!! The bounty hunter who shot second  supports the Cheese Heads in a galaxy Far Far Away...
Admiral Ackbar like most Miami people is a Miami Dolfan!, But beware It's A TRAP!!! Being a Dolphins fan has certainly been tough for the last decade or longer. The Phins are always on the brink of getting  back to the playoffs,  and then the Dolphins blow it,constantly let their fans down. This season things are looking up,because wait a minute!!  IT'S A TRAP!!!!
:This is a revamped Admiral Ackbar - with new team logo and improved hat and hoodie. I also added more creatures in the water background and paimyed the skin tones differently 
The Jawas are Cleveland Browns fans and are also overjoyed that Lebron James will be back with the Cavaliers this season.  The desert of Tattoine and empty wastleamnd of the Judland wastes,reminds them of Cleveland and they identify with Cleveland for that reason.They are also holding hope for Manziel.
Wookie Chewbacca and the  furry Ewoks obviously support their furry bretheren Da Bears!

Emperor Palpatine is a San  Diego Charges fan? Shocking yes pun is intended.
He failed getting Phillip Rivers over to the Dark Side of the Force, now he hopes to get Manti Teo's elusive girlfriend to join the darkside.
Jabba The Hutt Loves The New York Jets their Scum and villany are close to home for him. He also looks at Rex Ryan as a long lost brother.

Darth Vader is A Raiders fan he loves the black hole ans it reminds him of the Deathstar and his dark personality..
This is  the revamped Vaders Raiders .added window stairs and guards to add more depth than the original had. 

newer version of Wampa. Wampa is a Vikings fan .Wampa no like Packers,Hate Rodgers hate hate Rodgers, love Favre on Vikings Go Vikings!!!     I also added my own version of a snow storm trooper in the cave
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