Star Wars NFL Fans original

What If Star Wars characters watched NFL football? What teams would they like ,dislike? Here's a fun glimpse into the odd pairing of different universes! Sports and Sci FI .

What if Star Wars characters watched NFL football?
What teams would they like or follow.
Here's a funny glimpse of some picks in a galaxy Far,Far Away!

Sand People like The rams surprisingly not the Raiders, that was to obvious.
The Rams remind them of their loyal banthas.
I was going to go for the Patriots with the rebel aliance and all Luke Skywalker was a hick from Tatooine  who  used to bullseye womp rats in his T-16 back home. So I went with The Cowboys. So his heart is really in the desert.
Obi Wan Kenobi  the dodgy hermit out in the Judland wastes  a former Saints fan became a Cleveland Browns fan after spending long isolation in Tatooine's judland wastes surrounded by the brown planet, and the Jawas.
Wampa no like Packers,hate Rodgers hate hate Rodgers, love Favre on Vikings Go Vikings!!!
Lando Calrissian the Soul Brother of the Star Wars Universe would be a Steelers fan, now I know what you're thinking.
But don't be racist. He's Steelers fan because he identifies with the with the large steel industry located in Pittsburgh, as  Lando was in  the Cloud City mining industry in Cloud City.
Greedo The Greenbay Packers fan,still undecided on who shot first?  As ,undecided as he is over loyalty of Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers.
While living in exile for so long in the Outer Rim planet in the Dagobah system, Yoda became a New Orleans Saints fan.
He identifies with the swampy New Orleans culture,Who DAT!
The Ugnaughts are Baltimore Ravens fan,more out of convenience in their color scheme.
They are pretty busy building things and dealing with Cloud City's  maintenance,to watch to much football, but can be heard squeeling with delight when Ray Rice scores a touchdown in the bowels of Cloud City.
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