Motion Graphics

These are some of my video edits and motion graphics. They were are all made for different reasons. The I'm On a Boat Edit, is to show a more creative concept and selection of editing various footage. The resort one is more of a promotional type of project for advertising purposes. The 720 entertainment project is video I shot during my New York paparazzi days , making a mock paparazzi company promo video. I used Adobe After Effects, Adobe Phoo Shop, Adobe Illustrator ,Final Cut , Adobe Premiere and sometimes even Imovie on these projects.

Video Editing & Motion Graphics
Woman riding Pterodactyl,Blooper edition,
After Effects,Photoshop,Adobe Illustrator.
Here are some samples of multimedia works I have created.
I work in Adobe After Effects for motion graphics. I edit video in I movie and Final Cut and Adobe Premiere. Some concepts I have edited and compiled from various movies to songs, such as I'm On A Boat, by The Lonely Island.One is a promotional video edit for a resort I visited in Dominican Republic called Dreams. This could be used for a tourism advertisement. I enjoy editing video and creating motion graphics as much as illustration and photography. I hope these examples will help enable me to gain employment in a creative company that allows me to use my skills and passions.
Experimental video edit motion graphics for mock up surfing company final cut pro, After Effects ,Music performed by The Kramps Surfer Bird
Mustard Tiger,an episode  form a great favorite show of mine called The Trailer Park Boys, I envisioned this as a production company  with an animated logo.
Mock paparazzi company video, I shot the footage through the years in other jobs I had.
Promotional video , I shot and edited for a resort called Dreams, in Dominican Republic.
A concept edit I came up with edited  and compiled of movies with boat footage, to the song called I'm On a Boat by The Loneley Island.
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