Logos & Graphic Design

These are designs and logos I created for different portfolio ideas. They could be marketed to teams and brands. The football logos are all in good fun and are in no way meant to be offensive, think of them as the anti fan logo of the teams.

These are some logos and  graphic designs.
The Football ones especially are meant in good fun and humor, and in no way are meant to offend anyone.
They're more of a anti fans logo of the teams.
Absolut Vodka Add I did around September 11th
fictional restaurant or bar logo ,or could be used for hot sauce
No Bieber Logo detail
Anti Bieber T shirt
El Hombre Arana the spider-man latin spoofed super hero art
Gun violence
Old School Tampa bay Bucanners parody logo
Anti Miami Dolphins parody,for t shirt mugs,etc.
The JETS are coming to town, grab your complimentary barf bags!
revamped poison toxic logo
A step by step, I did of a creation of mine. Showing process of creation while using
graphic design for the page itself.
Parody Add for Fresh Step cat litter
photo montage,promotional poster for The Miami Heat's big 3. 
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