This is a parody of Spider-man in a Mexican version , I will create story lines and characters for, in homage to Spider-man.Es bueno

EL HOMBRE ARANA  a spoof on Spider- man fictitious series  
Es Bueno!!
El Hombre Arana & his faithful sidekick Churro The Burro
Hombre Araña number 3 cover
tweaking type
El Hombre Arana with spurs,and ball and cup, and pistol holster
without type
Hombre arana drinking at bar sketch
sketch character studies different angles costume detail
médico octopuss Docor Octopuss , Walter White inspired loking Breaking bad mad scientist type  bad guy.
This is the version of the Vulture /Buitre for El Hombre Arana, the ongoing Mexican spoof of Spider-Man I’ve been farting around with.
I wanted at least one totally version of a villain that was a different sex, and very different looking. The Vulture in Spider-Man as you know is a crusty old white bald guy with wings. Her Bio is as follows, She runs the local brothel The Dirty Bird,and has it in for our hero EL Hombre Arana who stole her best hoe, Gato Negra (Black Cat) from her.
Buitre is an avid Jennifer Lopez fan, but has no powers, she doesn’t fly, she just runs the putaria /Whore house in Mexico, and wears a feathery dress. She does have some ability besides sexual though. She controls the Mexican bird population with a crazy meth concoction, that they are addicted to. She can toss  it at her enemies and birds swarms like crack heads to a flame and attack motherfuckers like crazy.
his arch enemy The Goblin Goya
page sample
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