comics super heroes vector art

These are primarily vector type illustrations, of random comic book characters from Marvel and DC comics. Comics is what got me into art in the first place. These are different than my pen and ink style however, but I think they work for a more brand and marketing type of illustration.

I have always been fascinated with cartoons and comics. The majority of these in this series, are comic book characters,video game characters. Here are some original characters I've created  also.
 I also have many vector images from Adobe Illustrator of characters. I also draw traditionally with pen & ink. I'm looking to expand my creativity and  income through freelance or full-time jobs.
Poison Ivy keeps Batman under her spell. line art  drawing, photoshop and Illustrator
Black cat playing with yarn
alternate ink splatter version of super girl minus sky background
spider-man vector image
Black Cat revamp Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Storm with type and texture updated
freestyle character I created, was thinking along the lines of The Black Queen from The Hells fire club in X-Men/ a vampire
Mystique from X-Men Comics, movies
Boba Fett
Superman and  The Flash race
Batman rogue gallery
The Flash with type element, 
Superman and Batman duke it out
Cover image of Spider man and Veno,m alien costume symbiote
Return Of The Jedi slave gear Princess Leia , and a less frumpy modified Princes Leia from A New Hope
Batman in shock
A post apocalypse character, I was thinking of The Sand People from Star Wars meets Mad Max
Joker ,version 2 with top hat cane coat tails
The Joker
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