Buitre / Vulture

The Vulture or buitre in Spanish villain character creation for the El Hombre Arana Mexican Spider-Man spoof. I wanted to really change up one of the bad guys ,and The Vulture is a crusty old man in the comics,so I figured,I'd go a totally different look.

This is the version of the Vulture /Buitre for El Hombre Arana, the ongoing Mexican spoof of Spider-Man I’ve been farting around with.
I wanted at least one totally version of a villain that was a different sex, and very different looking. The Vulture in Spider-Man as you know is a crusty old white bald guy with wings. Her Bio is as follows, She runs the local brothel The Dirty Bird,and has it in for our hero EL Hombre Arana who stole her best hoe, Gato Negra (Black Cat) from her.
Buitre is an avid Jennifer Lopez fan, but has no powers, she doesn’t fly, she just runs the putaria /Whore house in Mexico, and wears a feathery dress. She does have some ability besides sexual though. She controls the Mexican bird population with a crazy meth concoction, that they are addicted to. She can toss  it at her enemies and birds swarms like crack heads to a flame and attack motherfuckers like crazy.
Here’s The Dirty Bird the putaria/Whorehouse that Buitre aka Vulture runs
In Mexico. This is also a front for her meth lab, in which she runs her criminal empire. It  is here where Hombre Araña and Gato Negra /Black Cat meet, Gato Negra used to be the lead dancer /hoe of Buitre at the Dirty Bird. Gato Negra tried getting out of the business, and wanted no part of the meth business, Hombre Araña helps gets her out of the business and Buitre never forgave Gato Negrea or Hombre Araña.
details of The Dirth Bird Logo
Buitre aka Vulture's Meth Birds she uses in attacks.
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